Tom Vandendrissche: Europe’s energy crisis was deliberately created

Member of the European Parliament of Belgium Tom Vandendrissche believes that the economic crisis in Europe was deliberately created. The politician spoke about this in his news blog.

He believes that it all started with the oil crisis of the 1970s, when everyone was dependent on fuel from abroad. Europe began to build its nuclear power plants for independent energy production. By the end of the 1980s, Belgium began to export it. To become the Prime Minister of the country, Guy Verhofstadt created a “purple-green” coalition in 1999. The Green Party shut down nuclear power plants.

Governments have begun to stimulate solar and wind energy with subsidies. All costs and climate taxes fell on the shoulders of citizens. Renewable energy has become very expensive, and there was not enough of it due to closed nuclear power plants. “Greens” forced investments in renewable energy sources, creating its artificial deficit.

The politician believes that economic sanctions have the opposite effect and it is necessary to agree on their easing in the EU. He stressed that efforts should be directed to energy independence, which was after the oil crisis.

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