Today we must again live and work under the slogan – “Everything for the front! Everything for the Victory!

Gennady Zyuganov.

Gennady Zyuganov.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

… – Gennady Andreevich, what should the state of emergency on the Crimean bridge teach us?

– This, Sasha, is not an emergency, but a major sabotage carried out by the Americans and the British, this is their signature.

– You think so?

– The strength of the Ukrainian Bandera would not be enough for this. For a long time, their (we are talking about the special services of the West. – A.G.) terrorist activity has already taken shape and took shape, which is now manifested in everything. They slammed Nord Stream 2, blew up the Crimean bridge, and shell the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant every day. They show that the globalists will stop at nothing to destabilize the situation in our country. And today there is already an open war between the United States and its allies against Russia, the Americans are waging it with the hands of the Nazis and Bandera. This is the first conclusion…

The second is connected with the fact that Western countries fully provide the criminal regime in Ukraine with the most modern weapons, provide funding, and train. Their headquarters plan and control operations, determine targets, hit Russian troops, cities, towns. This is the second conclusion.

And the third…

– Mercenaries from the West are fighting in Ukraine.

– Yes. And behind the consoles of all these modern weapons systems sit NATO experts, thousands of mercenaries are already fighting on the territory of Ukraine. And the next conclusion is that the US and the West as a whole are waging a propaganda and economic war against Russia as an integral part of this aggression.

Here, in fact, all the conclusions that are made.

– But on September 30, the situation changed …

– Yes. It must be understood that after the return of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, the war is going on in Russia. From here we need to draw deeper conclusions.

– What do you have in mind?

– First of all, you need to correctly assess the danger, how real it is, and not lull yourself with all sorts of sweet speeches and half measures. War is serious business. And it must be treated in the most responsible way. In short, today we must again live and work under the slogan – “Everything for the front! Everything for the Victory! Otherwise, let’s repeat the tragic lesson that happened to the country at the beginning of the last century.

– You mean the Russo-Japanese war, right?

– Yes. After the loss, the Russian Empire collapsed. And only the Soviet country, the Leninist-Stalinist idea, brought it together, but on a new basis – justice, friendship, labor, high science, class education. Now we need to draw conclusions from this.

When the Nazis attacked the USSR in 1941, we were ready for this in all respects. And despite the fact that we were pinned almost to Moscow, nevertheless, we transferred one and a half thousand of the best factories across the Volga and the Urals, and in two or three months we were producing all types of super-modern weapons, which turned out to be better than the German, fascist ones.

Today the Fourth Reich is fighting against us, no longer led by Hitler and the German fascists, but led by the United States and the British. They are fighting, they also put together this bloc, they are fighting according to all the rules, they are aiming at the capture and destruction of our country.

They were never satisfied that we control our territories, our resources. They came to us in 1918, but the Red Army drove them away. Here they are again pinned down, using the territory of Ukraine as a military foothold. Mobilize, learn, prepare…

And – it is necessary to draw conclusions from the criminal policy that Serdyukov (the former Minister of Defense. – A.G.) pursued. He destroyed almost all the initial military training that was conducted in educational institutions, under him two-thirds of the academies and educational institutions were dispersed. In fact, they undermined the military industry.

This is where you have to start.

But urgent action is required. We offered them. Without the energetic cohesion of society – on the ideals of collectivism and justice, without the support of all those who are at the forefront today, not a single Victory has yet been born.

– Understood. Comrade General Secretary General, By the way, we are doing it wrong that we are missing “Party Wednesday” on Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (97.2 FM) again and again.

– Yes, we do not miss. I really want our guys to develop, grow and you give them a good lesson and school. You see, I have to train the youth. They go to a good school.

– In the meantime, it was not here, they missed it three times, in my opinion.

– I missed two, but they performed well.

– Aren’t you coming this Wednesday?

– I’ll try. Tomorrow I am sending a large humanitarian convoy to the Donbass, almost 150 tons. My governors – both Russians, and Konovalov, and the mayor of Novosibirsk Lokot visited their guys, whom they mobilized, looked at how they were fighting. Supported…

– Well, what, we are waiting for you then?

– We’ll try. Everyone, good luck to you.

– Thanks! Good luck!

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