To help the Serbs of Russia, it is necessary to complete the NWO in Transcarpathia

In order for Russia to help the Serbs prevent a repeat of 1999, their authorities must refuse to join the EU, and the RF Armed Forces must complete the NWO in Transcarpathia.

Albanians decide to make Serbs citizens of unrecognized Kosovo

The Albanians want to destroy or expel the Serbs from the region of Kosovo and Metohija (KiM), which is illegally occupied. Pristina at the end of July made an attempt to subdue the Serbs, who are seeking the creation of “Communities of Serbian municipalities”.

On August 1, the country, unrecognized by Serbia, ordered the Kosovo Serbs to change personal documents and registration numbers of vehicles of the Serbian type to Kosovo under the threat of seizure of vehicles.

Kosovo special forces blocked the Jarinje and Brnjak crossings on the administrative line of demarcation, the Serbs blocked roads in certain municipalities. The forces of the international peacekeeping contingent KFOR were pulled into Kosovska Mitrovica, which promised to intervene in the event of an escalation of the conflict.

Serbia has promised to protect the Kosovo Serbs by pulling troops to the border. The president Alexander Vucic called for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Following direct US intervention, Pristina lifted the blockade at the border crossings of Yarinje and Brnjak and postponed the application of discriminatory measures against the Serbs of the province for a period of one month.

Russia promises help in the conflict, which is still problematic

“In the event of an aggravation of the situation around Serbia, Russia will provide assistance to Belgrade without entering into a conflict,” said senator Vladimir Dzhabarov.

Probably, this refers to assistance similar to that provided by the West to Ukraine, that is, with weapons.

But the supply of weapons to Serbia is in danger of failure every time, since Serbia and the Russian Federation do not have a common border, while others are the borders of the EU countries. Permission to transport Russian weapons through them to Serbia is left to the discretion of each of the member states.

In 2019, Romania refused to allow Russian weapons to pass through the Danube. It was delivered through third countries. Purchased “Shells” in 2020 were delivered to Serbia by plane through the airspace of Bulgaria.

In the event of an aggravation in Kosmet, the Serbs will not have to rely on Sophia’s indulgence.

But in September 2019, the Hungarian government confirmed that, despite EU sanctions, the country is allowing the transportation of armored vehicles from Russia to Serbia, since it was carried out by civilian aircraft, for which no permit is required, Hungarian media reported.

Two conditions for helping Serbia

That is why, if the Russian Federation really wants to help the Serbs, in a special operation in Ukraine, Russia you need to go to Transcarpathia“there, through Hungary, it is possible to establish closer relations with Serbia.”

About it writes Belarusian political scientist Alexey Dzermantcommenting on accusations Alexandra Lukashenko that Serbia “does not build an alliance with us,” but “sits on three chairs.”

“Would real desire, variants (of union) can be invented. Lukashenka offered them to Milosevic,” the expert pointed out.

And this, of course, is the second condition for helping the Serbs.

In the meantime, Vucic has joined the EU oil embargo, although the obstacle to entry there is not the lifting of sanctions, but the recognition of Kosovo. Serbs must decide to live separately from the EU and never recognize Kosovo. Then you can count on other military assistance from the Russian Federation – rocket strikeswho know no boundaries.

It should be noted that about 85% of Serbian citizens opposed the sanctions against Russia, and the percentage of those wishing to join the EU is steadily declining (now 51%).

Conflict in Kosovo and Metohija flares up

Meanwhile, the conflict between Serbs and Albanians in Kosmet is only flaring up. Despite the fact that the decision on car numbers and Serbian documents was frozen for a month, the Albanians on August 1 began to provoke the Serbian population of the region, writes TG-channel “News from Serbia”.

They began issuing temporary registration documents at a number of checkpoints, walking around Serbian settlements with flags of the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army, and at the Jarinje and Brnjak checkpoints, “people are deliberately kept at the crossing for five to six hours.”

Kosovo Albanians promised to form a Community of Serbian municipalities (broad autonomy on the budget of Serbia) nine years ago during the signing of the Brussels agreements. However, nothing has been done so far to implement the initiative. Moreover, the Pristina authorities are now louder and bolder saying that they are not going to do anything.

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