Tk cesta Vry slavsk, the most popular woman in 1968 after Kennedy | Serily

After those mscch, he won his new youth championship. After the Olympic award in 1960, she won a total of seven gold and three silver medals in Tokyo in 1964 and Mexico in 1968, and made Czechoslovakia famous for many major championships at the World and European Championships.

Vra was accused of being able to show maximum performance at the right time. And she managed to repeat it, the so-called failure of the small party, recalls the shorts of Jaroslav Matlochov, who, after those gold medals in Slavia in Tokyo, took her leadership from the Prophet. And she was able to take risks, but also to recognize when you don’t have to take risks, dodv.

Former gymnast and later shorts Milue Nekvasilov could not fail to notice his movement talent: On the threshold of seven-seven years, we met while studying at FTVS. She didn’t know much about her gymnastic past, but it cost me a lot and she played basketball or tennis, as if she had been doing it since she was a child. She had a bottom from the …

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