Tired everyone. Why Zelensky was not allowed to speak before the World Cup final and will not be allowed to hold a global summit

Volodymyr Zelensky was deprived of the opportunity to make an appeal before the World Cup final in Qatar.

Volodymyr Zelensky was deprived of the opportunity to make an appeal before the World Cup final in Qatar.


The sixth president of Ukraine proposed holding a global, planetary “peace summit” in the territory still controlled by Kyiv. Zelenskiy, who was prevented by FIFA from making a political video message before the final match of the World Cup in Qatar between Argentina and France, decided to win back this resounding slap from the international sports community on social networks.

– This World Cup proved once again that different countries and nations can bring out the strongest in a fair fight, and not by playing with fire! – Zelensky hysterically called not so much to the sports as to the political Olympus. – There are no champions in wrestling. There can’t be a draw here.

For a comment, KP.RU turned to a political scientist, a member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Bogdan Bezpalko.

– The President of Ukraine was so sure that today he would be given any global platform for political appeal – but was he given a turn in the football community?

– It was not so much the rejection of the idea of ​​a summit in Ukraine that worked here, but the rejection of Zelensky’s constant claims in all directions. This person constantly demands from all deliveries of weapons. The summit he invented also requires large investments and security infrastructure. Well, who will provide all this? And why did people who support clean football have to listen to this?

– When Zelensky was denied a speech before the football final – did Kyiv consider this to be Moscow’s intrigues?

– In fact, not for the first time, many people in different parts of the planet were skeptical of his overly inflated appetites. But now, when the economic crisis is growing in the Western world and a double-digit increase in inflation has been indicated, such demarches generally look wild.

– But he again tried to mix sports with politics.

– The fact that in Kyiv sport was mixed with politics is not news for a long time. In reality, they did not really count on this, that Zelensky would be allowed to speak before the final in Qatar. But his entourage insisted – we must demand. They didn’t let me speak here – they will let me speak elsewhere.

“There are no champions in wrestling,” Zelensky said. But a champion means a winner. That is, he no longer believes that he can win on his own?

– He understands that an almost unbelievable victory can come at a very high price. One big funnel may remain from Ukraine. Even he is afraid of it. People are leaving his country. They do not want to live and work there. Kyiv spoiled relations with neighboring countries. Even with Poland.

– Why?

– By December 2022, Zelensky was very tired of everyone, according to all possible studies. In the same Poland, the majority of the population is against this conflict being reflected in their specific living conditions, which are getting worse every month.

– There will be no global summit on Ukraine?

– Zelensky’s confidence that such a summit can be held is somewhat exaggerated.

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