Tinkoff launched its own secure identification service in Runet Tinkoff ID

Tinkoff has launched a new online identification service – Tinkoff ID. According to the bank, the new technology will allow logging in to partners’ websites and applications without entering a login and password. Now networking for bank customers will become more convenient and safer, you will no longer need to remember the access code for each account, and hackers will not be able to reveal your passwords.

Moreover, it is noted that users will be able not only to log in to any services as safely and quickly as possible, but also to receive any paid and free services – from shopping to getting a job without unnecessary documents. To enter the service partner’s personal account, it is enough to enter a phone number and confirm the entry using an SMS code.

Tinkoff ID also aims to reduce social engineering fraud in the country. According to Tinkoff, the introduction of Tinkoff ID on various sites and services on the Russian Internet will reduce the volume of such fraud by 30%.

“Tinkoff ID is the core around which Tinkoff ecosystem products have grown. We have never had any barriers and doors for people inside the ecosystem – they could equally use all products without unnecessary authorizations. Now Tinkoff ID will become the key to all doors outside the ecosystem – it will be possible to log in to any partner service in record time – in 10 seconds with 1 click. And most importantly, it is as safe as possible,” says Anatoly Makeshin, Director of Payment Systems – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Tinkoff.

Currently, Tinkoff ID service partners already include: S7, X5 Group, Wildberries, Detsky Mir, IVI, My Documents, Technopark, CDEK, TsUPIS, Philips, TezTurz, United Credit Bureau, YouDo, Gosznak, Philips, Xiaomi, Svyaznoy Travel , CloudTips, PIK, Metro, Cash&Carry, RTS, Rostender, VK, 220 Volt, Vedomosti,, MEDSI, Svyaznoy,, Yuteka, Tikkurila, Schneider Electric and many others.

Moreover, now Tinkoff is opening an ecosystem for connecting any partners to it through their Tinkoff ID. At the same time, it is important that the ecosystem works not only with businesses, but also with government agencies, which will help users not only use resources, but even draw up documents in a remote format without additional registrations. For example, Tinkoff ID customers can get a job and verify their identity without a personal trip to the office.

“At the start, about 100 partners have already joined us – the largest Runet services: sellers, marketplaces, government agencies, entertainment services and many others. We want to be at every stage of life with our customers – both within the ecosystem and anywhere in the universe. Give them the opportunity to use services anywhere in the Russian Internet – just as quickly, in a couple of clicks, as in our ecosystem. Therefore, we plan to connect all the largest market players to Tinkoff ID. But not only: the scale of partners is not fundamental – services of any size will be able to “dock” with us – from government departments to small retail outlets, ”explains Bliznyuk.

We add that the use of the Tinkoff ID system also helps customers secure their data. For example, the system will not allow access to duplicate sites where fraudsters collect users’ personal data, or will not miss a payment if it was offered by a non-official partner.

“One of the tasks of Tinkoff ID is to solve the problem with fraudulent scripts in Runet. We estimate that using Tinkoff ID will reduce social engineering fraud by 30%. For example, one of our partners will be the largest ad sites: customers will be able to safely log in using Tinkoff ID, pay there in one click using Tinkoff Pay and forget about fraudulent scenarios on them forever,” Makeshin says.

In the future, Tinkoff plans to launch through Tinkoff ID and offline authorization. This will help the user to confirm their actions by simply scanning the QR code. For example, in offline mode, it will be possible to confirm an appointment with a doctor or receive a package.

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