Timati, who bought shares of Starbucks, promised a “cool import substitution”

Rapper Timatiwho bought Starbucks shares in Russia, spoke about his plans for the development of a coffee shop chain.

Timur Yunusov (the real name of the rapper) promises to avoid a monstrous rebranding in the process of modernizing the coffee chain. He assured that he would try to find a worthy replacement for the corporate identity of a foreign company. The contractor promises a steep import substitution. Coffee houses across the country, he said, will start working in August this year.

“We will not disappoint the army of millions of coffee lovers, but at the same time we will give a product of a completely new level of quality. In general, I suppose we have a chance not only to change the sign, but to make a real live case of a cool import substitution!” Timati said.

Yunusov has ambitious plans, as he set himself the goal from the start to do better than what has been built for many years abroad.

At the beginning of June Ksenia Sobchak said that new coffee business owner will become the founder of Pinskiy&Co Anton Pinsky. The journalist was sure that in the case of coffee houses “there would be no disgrace called” Tasty and that’s it “.

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