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Oper from Yekaterinburg with the St. Petersburg mafia beats mercilessly.  Photo: Frame from the film

Oper from Yekaterinburg with the St. Petersburg mafia beats mercilessly. Photo: Frame from the film

Producer Alexander Tsekalo knows the global demand for Russian tin and knows how to adjust what he is looking for. Of his six series sold to Netflix (Method, Fartsa, Locust, Territory, Major, Sparta) – all about it. Director Gligorov made his debut with “Crystal” – a detailed panorama of South Russian evil. Screenwriter Malovichko is a specialist in torn heroes, whom personal pain and psycho make ideal wolfhounds, and a protective disinclination to long relationships deprives them of pain points. They don’t love anyone, but especially themselves.

When these three get together, expect hell. Their first joint product was “Crystal”, a genuine window to the underworld. The viewer is waiting for this – although he is lying that he loves about a summer thunderstorm. He loves everything. “Chimera” – a movie about everything.

The drug market of St. Petersburg-2012 is divided by groups of Lavash (Igor Mirkurbanov) and Tatar (Andrey Smirnov, for the first time in the role of a charming monster). For one – Asia, the Tajik diaspora and a network of small wholesale markets; heroin and weed. The other has a port and full logistics to the world of great vice; coke and chemistry. On earth, out of grief and lack of money, the mathematical genius of safe sales is growing – the inventor of the now familiar scheme for contactless scatter on bookmarks and payment through anonymous accounts (Eldar Kalimulin). And major Konkov, opera from Russia’s main drug snake, the city of Yekaterinburg, pinches them all (Alexander Kuznetsov). Where Muscovites

The 90s were massively burnt out on bad loans and accidents, the people of Eburg were mowed down by whole school parallels with dirty cheap gypsy drugs. For success, his pregnant wife was put on heroin, the child was born a vegetable – so the major bombs brothels, warehouses and deliveries in pure lawlessness, grinning and dancing (it has long been clear that the artist Kuznetsov is worth much more than the roles offered to him in some “Kept women”) .

Well, Tsekalo would not have been Tsekalo if not for stripping to zero some heavenly beauty; he has such a chip, from “Locust” to “Patient Zero”. This time the number is performed by Lukerya Ilyashenko, who was undeniably a success for mom and dad and knows it well. Her role is a sleuth-journalist, climbing into the secrets of the drug business, and this is the weakest link in the script. There are no such journalists in Russia: you can’t raise money on a topic, but it’s easy to be left without fingers, ears and a head. But someone needs to give explanations about the structure of drug trafficking, so that the viewer can at least catch up with something – let it be a journalist. We know no more about the media than about the drug business, they will gobble it up and not like that.

For the film, 23 people are Uganda, not counting the guards, and this is good news. The bad one is stated in the opening caption: 8,000 people a year are extinguished from drugs in the country – one per hour, so that cute and strong-willed heroes, caring fathers and talented admins are waiting in hell. Already from the fourth series, you can bet on who will live to the tenth.

The FSKN general with his cocaine daughter (Kristina Kucherenko) is the first candidate for the role of a mafia roof. Stay with her own, but lose her daughter? Melodrama. Will he lie down on his own, and will the daughter be treated? Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of addiction with the character of Kristina Kucherenko? The fact that the connection between the major and the writing slut is doomed – do not go to the grandmother: you can drive up to him through it, and the young lady is nine to one not a tenant. Who will the Major stay with? He will not return to his wife – this is Major Cherkasov in all seasons he goes to his wife; It seems that the general’s daughter has a future. The boss of the Tajiks on the screen does things that, according to the scenario logic, he cannot live to the end, and who will get the business? Vizier Talgat? That finished one, without the Pope, and the series will not last. So, the St. Petersburg network will put its paw on the Tajik network? The heir of Tatarin (Yegor Koreshkov) is a serious man, but then he will face losses in the family. Children or wife? Once the film is dated 2012, now the eight-year-old boy is just 18, the age of entry into the business. This means that the life of a girl is not worth a penny – like the life of all the girls in this picture from zero to fifty. As for young talents, they walk along the edge in a herd, and one has to guess not who will die, but who will remain.

There are no weak performers in the film. When there are four steps to death, the artist can be seen through and through, and in Chimera even episodes are at their best. Moreover, no one’s fate, except for the major and his relatives, as they say, does not inspire alarm. Let the poisoners perish.

In this, you can rely on screenwriter Malovichko and the One who is taller.

On the final credits, the feeling: Mamai passed.



Dir. Dushan Gligorov.

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