Thrombosis on the plane: doctors warned of a new danger during flights

Doctors remind that long flights can lead to deep vein thrombosis.

Doctors remind that long flights can lead to deep vein thrombosis.

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Soon the New Year holidays, many tourists will go to warm countries: to Thailand and Cuba, the Emirates and Egypt … Doctors remind that long flights can lead to deep vein thrombosis. The danger is very real.

Researchers at the University College London School of Medicine provedthat asymptomatic thrombosis appears in every tenth passenger! The statistics, however, are only valid for older travelers and for long-haul flights – on flights lasting more than 8 hours. From Moscow, say, to Vladivostok or Kamchatka, Pattaya or the Maldives.

The experiment involved 89 men and 142 women, all traveling in economy class. And everyone over 50 is an important factor. None had a history of thrombosis. However, some tourists have found DNA mutations that determine the predisposition to thromboembolism.

Half of the participants in the experiment wore compression stockings or class 1 stockings during the flight. The second half flew without them.

After the trip, everyone had a duplex vein scan. And 10% of air passengers have our brake in the calf muscles. All of them were from the control group, which flew without compression stockings. The conclusion is simple: deep vein thrombosis after long flights is a very real thing. And compression stockings or stockings really help to avoid problems. And fly wherever you want, without harm to health.

The other day, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Chief Freelance Specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region in General Medical Practice Roman Gorenkov in an interview with Sputnik radio, he named the main health risks for air passengers, and also put varicose veins and the risk of blood clots in the first place. The reason is pressure drops during takeoff and landing, as well as the fact that passengers have to sit for a long time. He recommended that travelers with varicose veins take drugs that tone the veins and prevent blood clots.

Some airlines warn passengers about possible problems.

Emirates, for example, which operates flights from Moscow to Dubai, gives the following advice to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis in flight:

– Wear loose and comfortable clothing.

– Place your luggage in the overhead compartment, not under the seat in front of you. So you can stretch your legs and stretch them periodically.

– It is advisable to regularly perform sitting exercises, as well as take the opportunity to warm up on the way to the toilet and back.

– Avoid dehydration: drink juices and water regularly, refrain from alcohol and caffeinated drinks.

Some people are slightly more likely to develop thrombosis, Emirates acknowledges. And it is recommended to consult a doctor before the trip and choose the best option with him: compression stockings or socks or anti-clotting agents. This advice is relevant for passengers over 40 years old, those who have recently undergone surgery, have a hereditary predisposition to thrombosis or blood clotting disorders, suffer from varicose veins, take hormonal drugs, pregnant women, overweight people, smokers. In general, the list is extensive.

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