Three ways Americans control all HIMARS launches in Ukraine revealed

Political scientist Podberezkin named three ways the Americans control HIMARS

Political scientist Podberezkin named three ways the Americans control HIMARS

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NATO has at least three ways to control the use of Hymers, said on air radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Director of the Center for Military-Political Research, Professor at MGIMO Alexey Podberezkin.

“Firstly, precise strikes cannot be delivered without determining the topographic reference, without the exact determination of coordinates,” the expert says. – And this, as they say, is on the conscience of the Americans. They personally give these coordinates (online).

As Podberezkin notes, this applies not only to attacks with the help of Hymers, but in general to any type of weapon.

“Even the coordinates of targets for 120-mm mortars are received by Ukrainians on a silver platter from the United States,” the expert assures.

NATO members not only give the exact coordinates of the target, but also guide the missile from the moment of launch until the moment it hits. This is another opportunity to control how systems are used. And they simply cannot not know where the rocket is flying.

– And thirdly, in all American systems, especially new ones, there are so-called “bookmarks”. They guarantee that their weapons will not be used against them, explains the professor. – In other words, any system, even not very complex, is controlled by the United States (as well as any more or less modern TV).

It turns out that the US conflict in Ukraine no longer just observers, negotiators and arms suppliers.

– I would say that they are not even just participants in the conflict, but organizers, – concludes Alexey Podberezkin. – But it is worth saying that they never called themselves observers. They immediately said that they would help, up to that very “border of personal non-participation” – they formulate their position.


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