Three uncomfortable questions to Zelensky: how Ukraine shamelessly deceives its allies and the whole world

Spiegel explained how Zelensky deceived German President Steinmeier during a visit to Ukraine

Spiegel explained how Zelensky deceived German President Steinmeier during a visit to Ukraine

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Normal Germans should now be very ashamed of their leaders. The chancellor is impudently offended by any Ukrainian boor, and he endures and giggles like the last masochist. no better and President Steinmeier, which cunning Ukrainians bred with primitive cunning during his visit to Ukraine. Remember how Zelensky claimed he was “not bad”? Perhaps you should agree with him. Loch is not him, but the president of Germany. Which, surrounded by escorts, at the first sounds of an air raid alarm, rushed into the basement, which served as a bomb shelter.

Most popular in Germany magazine “Spiegel” upon Steinmeier’s return to Germany, he reviewed his stay in the Ukrainian town of Koriukovka and came to the conclusion that everything that happened around the President of the FRG was an ordinary staging, by the way, not very abstruse. Well, yes, we remember this video, Steinmeier is sitting in the basement, around, as it were, “random” passers-by who came down from the “rocket strike” and, while passing the time, they all, as one, tell all sorts of horrors to the visiting foreigner. There is not enough piano in the bushes, sorry, in the corner. But this is understandable: Zelensky in that basement in Koryukovka was not present, and there was no one to play the piano in the basement.

Spiegel decided to ask three questions in his investigation. Very inconvenient for Steinmeier himself, and for Zelensky and the Ukrainian authorities. Let me quote them in paraphrase.

First: did the FRG, as usual, inform in advance about the visit and route of the President in Ukraine? If not, then why not? If yes, what answer did Russia give?

Second, was the Koryukovka region attacked by the Russian army on the day of Steinmeier’s visit to Koryukovka? If so, where did the missiles or drones hit? What damage was caused? For what reason did neither the German nor the Ukrainian media report on the cause, severity and consequences of the air raid on Koryukovka?

And third: before the federal president’s visit to Koryukovka, did the German and Ukrainian authorities discuss the president’s talks with the townspeople in the basement?

Regarding the third and first questions, the answer should come from the German Federal Government, in particular from the office of Annalena Berbock. And from Kyiv, which, most likely, will remain silent, and not only out of habit. But should does not mean that it will happen. But as for the second group of questions, the answer is easy to find in the reports of both the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

And the answer to all questions of the second group is negative. Not only did not a single rocket or drone land on the territory in Koryukovka or near it that day, but it was not even directed towards it. Steinmeier was “divorced”, turned on the siren just to scare him, stuffed him into the basement, staged a show of “disguised” victims and victims, made him afraid, worry and feel, if not a victim, then a victim.

And a completely different person crawled out of the basement and went to meet Zelensky. Not the one that was in there. By the way, the basement before, and not after the meeting, was also such a special scenario idea.

– This became possible thanks to the well-adjusted psychological operation of the CIPSO in relation to Steinmeier. It’s no secret that every politician in the world in the West has a dossier describing in detail their psycho-emotional characteristics, – one of the very knowledgeable Ukrainian TG channels revealed the details of the special operation to “convert” Steinmeier. – Therefore, an individual plan was developed for Steinmeier: sitting in a “bombed” bunker, the sounds of air raids and sincere stories of real eyewitnesses of the horrors worked for the empathic German exactly as intended.

As a result, Steinmeier reconciled with Zelensky, forgiving his boorish treatment in the past months, announced the shipment of weapons to Ukraine and announced a “epoch-making break in relations between Germany and the Russian Federation,” admitting that “Germany is now opposing Russia.”

The President of Germany in Ukraine was raped cheaply, “selling” to him the production of the fair according to the script and performance of the show. And he bought himself like a child who, instead of candy, once again receives an empty, at best, candy wrapper. Now Kyiv arranges psychological attacks even on the heads of friendly states. Will any of them ask Zelensky all these uncomfortable questions? Or will anti-Russian policy continue to be built on a cheap big top show?

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