Three reasons for the retreat of the Russian Armed Forces from Liman called military experts

Military experts Boris Rozhin, Igor Strelkov and Anna Dolgareva explained the reasons for the defeat of the Russian army in Krasny Liman.

Expert of the Center for Military-Political Journalism, author of the channel Boris Rozhin believes that the withdrawal of the RF Armed Forces from Krasny Liman is due to the tactical cunning of the enemy.

“Instead of a frontal assault on the Liman, the Armed Forces of Ukraine sent forces along the weakened flank along the Drobyshevo line, broke through there and began to threaten the roads to Krasny Liman, where the defending group fought. There was a threat of encirclement and the troops had to be withdrawn to save them,” URA quotes Rozhin. RU.

Former DPR Minister of Defense Igor Strelkov drew attention to the difficult terrain of the settlement with dense forests. This, according to the expert, hampered the defensive actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

“Our troops concentrated on the defense of settlements, while the enemy penetrated through the forests into the deep rear and blocked roads. It was impossible to change this situation in the absence of a sufficient number of infantry,” Strelkov said.

Earlier it was reported that the RF Armed Forces on the new front line after Krasny Liman strengthened the defense Kremennaya.

Anna Dolgareva, a war correspondent for the Vzglyad business newspaper, explained that the decision to withdraw the remnants of Russian servicemen from the encirclement was the right one.

She noted that reserves were not brought in on time.

“When reinforcements arrived, it was already too late. It had to be brought into battle earlier,” Dolgareva explained.

She is confident that mobilization will be able to turn the tide at the front.

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