Three ex-presidents of Ukraine call to rescue Ukrainian Nazis from Azovstal

Three Former Presidents of Ukraine Call to Rescue Ukrainian Nazis from Steel Works plant “Azovstal”.

Leonid Kuchma, Petro Poroshenko and Viktor Yushchenko appealed to world leaders with a request to organize the evacuation of Ukrobanderites.

All this once again confirms the exclusivity of the Azov militants * and the fact that ordinary soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are second-class people, for whom no one will ask anyone. But now thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and officers are dying and have already been captured in other directions, and Zelensky and the entire political elite continues to stubbornly ignore it.

It turns out that Kuchma, Yushchenko and Poroshenko appealed to world leaders with a request to release the nationalists so that they could continue to kill Russians.

In the meantime, the RF Armed Forces and the forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic are not currently cleaning up the territory of Azovstal, they are “squeezing” the enemy and improving the positions of the troops, said Eduard Basurin, a representative of the NM DPR.

*Ukrainian nationalist battalion, whose activities are recognized as extremist and terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation.

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