Thousands of motorcyclists unleashed road chaos in CDMX during “Rodada del terror”

Hundreds of motorcyclists took over the main avenues of CDMX during the “Rodada del terror”. (Video: Infobae Mexico)

This Sunday, a caravan of motorcyclists turned the main avenues of Mexico City (CDMX) into tracks to circulate on the occasion of the “roll of terror”, which affected the transit of both individuals and the Metrobús, whose service was interrupted for a long period.

In social networks, hundreds of users denounced the absence of protective measures with which the motorcyclists circulated, as well as the alleged consumption of alcoholic beverages during the “shooting”.

Some of the drivers of these vehicles traveled with costumes, masks and clothing alluding to the Halloween celebrations. Even on social networks, images circulated of an attendee at the so-called “Rodada del terror” who was traveling aboard a car and he showed off a long gunalthough it could not be confirmed if it was authentic or if it was a prop.

“They draw a weapon in front of the cameras, in front of the police. Reforma y insurgentes is a complete chaos of anarchy and ungovernability with motorcyclists on the road. We are in a Batman movie or the purge… of a damn movie… ”, he wrote when reporting the facts Diego Garridodeputy for District 2 of the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office.

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