those who are actively involved in physical education do not suffer from liver problems

People who lead an active lifestyle and devote time to sports do not gain excess weight and do not suffer from liver diseaseseven if they eat well. This opinion was expressed by the hepatologist Pavel Bogomolov.

It’s all about here regular physical activitythe doctor is sure.

“People who exercise regularly, without being overweight, eating well, tasty, with plenty of fermented milk products, are less likely to suffer from liver problems. Liver diseases are more favorable for them. Those who actively engage in physical education with intense characteristics, easier, less sick with alcoholic liver disease. Smoking is also one of the independent factors of worsening the course of liver diseases, “Bogomolov said in an interview with URA.RU.

Also, the hepatologist was skeptical about drugs and supplements that are designed to protect the liver from various diseases. According to him, such drugs and supplements are just empty shells, and their beneficial effect on the liver is just a fake and a trick of marketers.

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