this rocket is the dream of many countries

Chinese users delighted with the message of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin that in the near future the RF Armed Forces will enter service hypersonic missile systems “Zircon”.

Portal commentators Guancha noted that “Zircon”, despite its small size, is the dream of many countries that would give a lot to get such a weapon.

Guancha commentators recalled that Russia “has always been and will always be in first place in the field of armaments,” and no one can compete with it in this area.

“Putin said that Russia is ready to ensure the protection of its maritime borders by any means. After such a statement, no one should dare to enter Russian waters,” wrote one of the commentators.

Chinese users expressed the opinion that Russia and China should stick together because “all the peoples of the third world” stand behind them, and urged the US to be more careful, noting that the Russian Federation is moving in the right direction.

“I watched the parade of the Russian fleet on the Neva. The Russians are amazing,” another user shared his emotions.

In his speech during the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg on July 31, Russian leader Vladimir Putin warned of the country’s readiness to ensure the inviolability of its maritime borders by all means, and informed that the Zircon would enter service with the RF Armed Forces in a few months the area in which it will be most necessary from the point of view of the security of the state.

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