This is the world of surfing for dogs that never ceases to amaze

The tournament takes place in the United States.

A world surfing for dogs. This is the water sport in which many animals compete at the decision of their owners and where they demonstrate their impressive tricks on the waves, in an annual event that never fails to attract attention.

In August of this year, in USAthe championship took place in which the owners take their dogs to compete in a tournament that seems unbelievable but is real.

The truth is that both fans and dogs met in Pacifica State Beachin California, to enjoy the World Cup in which dogs of all breeds can participate.

The world of surfing for dogs takes place in the United States.
The world of surfing for dogs takes place in the United States.

The championship, which has been held since 2006, is divided into groups, depending on the dog sizes and seeks to raise awareness about the adoption of rescue animals.

The small dog group includes those from 0.45 kg to 9.1 kg, the medium group includes those from 9.5 kg to 18.1 kg and the large and very large have a weight greater than 18.5 kg.

When defining the winners, parameters such as the duration of the surfboard and the animal’s technique are taken into account. All dogs wear life jackets during the competition.

In addition, exhibitions of dogs alone, together with other dogs and in tandem with their owners are allowed.

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