this is a huge complex, there are gaps

President of the Association of Security Enterprises “School without Danger” Sergey Saminsky in an interview with Pravda.Ru commented on the tragedy that occurred on September 26 in school in Izhevskwhere a mentally ill man opened fire on students and teachers.

Saminsky expressed condolences to the families of the victims, and stated with regret that such tragedies are not ruled out in the future due to insufficient funding for security measures, and in some cases its complete absence, as well as failure to meet professional standards for ensuring the protection of educational organizations.

The expert explained that each educational organization should be provided with a complex for ensuring security and anti-terrorist protection. Ideally, with the presence and proper functioning of this complex, a potential terrorist will be detained within 4-5 minutes.

Saminsky told how such a complex works. A security guard or video surveillance operator must recognize, see an inadequate person on the outer perimeter – an imitator, who, as a rule, is dressed in black clothes, a balaclava, boots.

“The outer perimeter must be closed – the gate, the gate, have a lock, a video intercom, so that questions are asked on the external line and the button is pressed at the same time. This is the task of this whole complex – to keep him there for 4.5-6 minutes, not to let him enter the school until arrival of the National Guard squad. All schools must have an emergency call button for the National Guard squad. In Moscow, the National Guard squad is called on average, probably, 15-20 times a month and arrives within 4-6 minutes. If this is all done, then there is a chance to prevent a terrible tragedy,” Saminsky is sure.

The expert stressed that this should be the case in every educational institution, but in reality “everyone does not finish something.”

“Security, anti-terrorist protection of the school, school security – all this is a huge complex, where there are gaps in the presence of weak links. In order to avoid these gaps, everyone needs to work,” the expert emphasized.

In the motives of the Izhevsk shooter, Saminsky advised not to look for past grievances. The expert believes that a whole range of reasons is to blame for what happened: mental illness, which worsened in the fall, lack of control over social networks, the availability of weapons and information, the desire to imitate, aggressive computer games, etc.

On the morning of September 26, an unidentified person dressed in a T-shirt with Nazi symbols opened fire at a school in Izhevsk. Among the 13 victims of the tragedy, seven people are schoolchildren.

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