they will persecute all Russians

According to MP Maria Butinawhat Lithuania declared Russia a state“supporting terrorism” is the first step towards amending the country’s existing laws to allow ethnic Russians to be labeled “terrorists” and legally prosecuted.

Butina believes that the Lithuanian Seimas can show remarkable imagination by cultivating terrorism in their own country.

“I believe that this decision has long-term plans. They are going to build their legislation in such a way as to find even more loopholes in it for the prosecution of our compatriots, ethnically Russians as terrorists. Raising the stakes and coming up with new measures to develop Nazism in their own country” , Butina said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The deputy noted that Western countries in this case are carefully looking only at Russia alone, willingly introducing more and more new sanctions against it, while completely ignoring the prosperity of Nazism in its purest form right among themselves.

Earlier, the Lithuanian Seimas approved a resolution according to which Russia should henceforth be considered a state “supporting terrorism.”

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