They summoned them to “talk” and massacred seven people, including a child in Guerrero

Photo: Special
Photo: Special

This Saturday afternoon armed men killed seven people -among them a minor in the community of El Durazno in the municipality of Coyuca de Catalán, in the state of Guerrero.

In the first reports it is mentioned that they were summoned to speak and reach an agreement since the plots would be divided due to disagreements between neighbors, however men with long weapons went to the place, gathered seven people by taking them out of their houses and They were taken to the elementary school to murder them in cold blood. The shots hit a minor of around 11 years of age who also died.

Neighbors of El Durazno denounced to local media that At the edge of two in the afternoon, a group of men arrived in the community, among them they identified the head of the organized crime group the Michoacan Family, Jhony Hurtado, “El Pez” and they called people to get closer to the field of the primary school, there they fired at them.

Until seven in the afternoon this Saturday, the dead had not been identified “because they were disfigured from the face” and because the neighbors waited for the arrival of the authorities before moving the bodies.

One of the neighbors said that most of the inhabitants were not in the community because they went out to participate in a party and some more were attending to business on the coast and in other places in the state, but they found out about the invasion of the armed men. .

Those who stayed in the town, upon hearing the shots, ran to hide in fear.

Those who protected themselves from the bullets, took videos with their cell phones and uploaded them to social networks asking for help.

Four hours after the attack, no authority had reached El Durazno. Eight hours later, the Guerrero Public Security Secretariat issued a statement stating that the facts would be investigated.

A neighbor who provided information accused “the people of Tierra Caliente” of attacking the inhabitants of El Durazno for their intention to separate from Coyuca de Catalán and create a new municipality, “there are more than 200,000 hectares of territory that they would no longer have , as well as money that would no longer reach them, which is why they came to assassinate us.”

Immediately, he urged that the federal government, through the Army, “put a barracks here in El Durazno so that they can stay and that there be security for the families and peace in this entire area.”

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