They seized more than 500 tires and almost 100 illegal tires in a tire shop in Parque Patricios

This was the operation in which more than 500 tires and almost a hundred illegal tires were seized in Parque Patricios

In order to combat the sale of stolen wheels, the City Police seized more than 500 tires and almost 100 illegal rims in a tire shop in the porteño neighborhood of Patricks Parkwhich according to official sources told Infobaeall were used and put up for sale illegally.

The operation, which was carried out by members of the Division of Automobile and Auto Parts Theft of the Buenos Aires Police, was carried out in a place located on Avenida Juan de Garay at 2800. There, the products were exhibited with their measurements labeled in white ink and some even with the price, so it was obvious that the intention was to sell them.

According to what they explained from the security force, both used tires and rims cannot be marketed, since they are security elements. In this sense, the owner of the workshop, a man of Bolivian nationality, was notified of the beginning of a case against him, in which the South Flagrancia Prosecutor’s Office will intervene, for alleged violation of Law 25,761, known as the Disarmaderos Law.

When consulted by the inspectors, the trader could not show any type of supporting documentation on the merchandise that he wanted to sell. Because of this, investigators suspect that many of the wheels are likely stolen.

The gum shop closed
The gum shop closed

In addition, the officers verified that a significant number of the products had very little wear, a detail that draws attention at times when shortage and high prices of new tires severely hit that sector.

Due to this context, that Division of the City Police intensified inspections of this type of business in search of cutting off the illegal trade in wheels that are probably stolen. As in the cases of tires and rims, it is difficult to determine if they originated in theft, the Scrapyard Law came to fill that legal gap.

According to the sources consulted by this means, the agents of the City They seized a total of 534 tires and 98 rims.

In this regard, the authorities clarified only the businesses that are incorporated into the Single Registry of Automotive Scrapyards and Related Activities (RUDAC)they can market used parts that are on a special list, in which safety auto parts such as tires and tires are not found.

bootleg decks

It is not the only operation of the City linked to tires and in the midst of a lack of coverage in the market. In the middle of last month, members of the Police’s Money Laundering and Customs Crimes Division seized full Retiro neighborhood a significant amount of contraband merchandise that was transported in a truck from the city of Posadas.

As confirmed by investigative sources Infobaepart of the seized cargo was made up of more than 50 tires of foreign origin.

The covers displayed
The covers displayed

The discovery was made at the corner of Antártida Argentina Avenue and Carlos Perette Street, behind the Retiro bus terminal. There, the agents of the Buenos Aires security force stopped the march of a Volvo brand truck with trailer, which inside carried the cargo with merchandise of all kinds.

After a first inspection, the uniformed officers asked the driver for his personal, vehicle and cargo documentation. According to the sources consulted by this means, the man exhibited a series of delivery notes and a roadmap indicating that the origin was the city of Posadas, in the province of Misiones.

The sources of the investigation specified that inside the vehicle box, in addition to the covers, they found thermos bottles, clothing, slippers, sunglasses, lights, LED lamps, glassware and medical equipment. All from China, Brazil, Indonesia and the United States, for an estimated value of 37 thousand dollars. As for the tires, the troops found a total of 53 wheels: his origin was chinese and brazilian.

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