They propose to confiscate the assets of Russians who have gone abroad

Moscow, Jan 13. The chairman of the Russian State Duma or Chamber of Deputies Vyacheslav Volodin proposed today to confiscate the assets of Russians who have gone abroad and who “denigrate Russia, its people and its soldiers, and openly support evil , Nazis and murderers”.

“The objective of these people is to make merit and try to preserve their well-being abroad,” the legislator wrote on his Telegram account.

He stressed that statements against the country and its military can be considered “calls for extremism, rehabilitation of Nazism or discrediting the Armed Forces”, crimes contemplated in the Russian Criminal Code.

“As practice shows, the existing response measures (to these crimes) are insufficient,” Volodin said.

He added that “the scoundrels who left live comfortably” thanks to Russia and the income they receive from the country, and at the same time “allow themselves to publicly denigrate Russia” and insult its soldiers and officers.

“In this situation, it would be appropriate to include in the respective articles of the penal code the confiscation of the assets that the scoundrels possess in Russia, which are sufficient to compensate for the damage caused,” he stressed. EFE


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