They discover a human skull in a postal shipment from Argentina

Buenos Aires, Jan 12. Inspectors from the General Directorate of Customs of Argentina found, while carrying out routine checks, a human skull in a postal parcel bound for the United States, official sources reported Thursday.

According to a statement from Argentine Customs, the skull was wrapped in a plastic bag, inside a cardboard box, along with a receipt for $295 and five sheets of text in English whose title translates into Spanish as: “Guide for Importing Human Remains into the United States for Burial or Subsequent Cremation.”

From the customs agency they recalled that “for the shipment of bone remains, the postal parcel regime does not correspond in any way”, it constitutes a “flagrant” infraction of the shipping regime and requires the endorsement of the National Agri-Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa ).

The package was discovered in the city of Monte Grande, province of Buenos Aires -where the Argentine Post Office has a Logistics Plant-, when it was scanned by customs agents who notified the Justice to obtain the necessary authorization and open it.

“Beyond the regulations of the country of destination, what the senders obviously ignored was complying with the regulations of our country for this type of case,” the statement added.

After seizing the postal shipment, a report was submitted to the court on duty that is investigating the case and to the National Institute of Anthropology and Latin American Thought for its expert opinion, since it was theorized that “the skull could be a remainder of archaeological value.” .

This event follows other similar ones in recent months.

Last week, also in Monte Grande, a mummified child’s head wrapped in plastic wrap and gauze was seized, covered between two superhero Spider-Man masks, which were in turn held up by a wool cap.

According to Customs, it was also destined for the United States.

Preliminary analyzes determined that it was a skull of a boy between 10 and 12 years of age, which was delivered to the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team for analysis, while Justice investigates the death of the minor.

On the other hand, at the beginning of last October four human skulls were discovered in the luggage of a passenger on a long-distance bus.

The woman was arrested trying to enter from a border crossing between Paraguay and Argentina with the skulls hidden among her personal belongings, which supposedly also had the North American country as their final destination.

As indicated by the Argentine Customs, the trafficking of human remains involves from medical students and scientific analyzes to religious rites and collectors.

“The value of these items on the black market can run into the thousands of dollars and they tend to be traded through online auctions,” they explained. EFE



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