They demand money from Mikhail Efremov, who is in prison

Actor Mikhail Efremov.

Actor Mikhail Efremov.

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

All unpaid taxes have become public debts since December 1: the KP.RU website has already written about outstanding bills from the Federal Tax Service among those who left and other celebrities. The record holder in show business is expected became Philip Kirkorov: to a great artist – and large debts, by 7 million rubles. And among those who went abroad, Morgenstern, recognized as a foreign agent, was the most fined: he underpaid tax 1.5 million for luxury cars and apartments.

Meanwhile, unexpected surnames were also found in the “black list”. So, for example, according to KP.RU, Mikhail Efremov, who is in prison, accumulated tax debts of 154,000 rubles in 2021. Of these, 95 thousand – payments for property (houses, apartments); 59 thousand – transport tax. By the way, it is possible that Efremov owed money precisely for the jeep on which caused a fatal accident.

However, can an actor pay for “chain letters” while being in places not so remote?

– The actor does not have such an opportunity even purely technically. But the prison term does not exempt from paying tax payments, no one writes off debts, – explained KP.RU star lawyer Andrey Aleshkin. – In general, I am surprised that relatives did not pay these amounts for Mikhail Olegovich. This can be done by family members, such as a spouse. The only concession for those who are in places of deprivation of liberty is the opportunity to challenge the accrued penalties for delay.


Actor’s daughter looking for a job

Efremov’s wife, sound engineer Sofya Kruglikova, is now alone pulling three children: 18-year-old Vera, 15-year-old Nadia and his youngest son Borya, he is 12. The eldest daughter entered a university and is already trying to earn extra money.

“If someone is suddenly looking for an English tutor for themselves, children, relatives or acquaintances, I do it,” Vera advertised her services on social networks. – I prepare for exams, do conversational English or just improve academic performance. I will teach from scratch or expand knowledge from an existing level.


When free?

There are several options for the development of events: a petition for pardon, parole. In careless cases, in order to receive parole, you must serve 1/3 of the term. So, at best, Mikhail Efremov will leave the colony in mid-2023.

An application for pardon can be submitted one year after the start of the conclusion. By the time, it can already be done. But this option, apparently, is not included in the plans of lawyers.

If Mikhail Olegovich has to serve time “from bell to bell”, then he will be released only after five years – on December 30, 2027. Efremov will then be 64 years old.


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