They criticize Gustavo Bolívar for wanting to do a master’s degree in England without having a degree

Daniel Briceño criticized Gustavo Bolívar for stating that he wanted to study a master's degree without having an undergraduate degree.  Photo: file.
Daniel Briceño criticized Gustavo Bolívar for stating that he wanted to study a master’s degree without having an undergraduate degree. Photo: file.

A few months ago, the senator for the Pacto Histórico coalition gustavo bolivar announced that he would leave the Congress of the Republic due to economic problems. To this subject he recently referred in one of his’lives‘ which he usually does with his followers on social networks, in which he referred to his eventual plans once he leaves the Colombian legislative body, among which would be studying a master’s degree “hopefully in climate change,” he said.

A short of that live was published by the lawyer specializing in Public Law Daniel Bricenowho has gained notoriety for his strong criticism of the government of Gustavo Petro and in general to the left of the country through their social networks.

Today I have not made a decision, I am not clear today. First I have to fix my financial situation, dedicate time to myself, which is what I want to do. Read, prepare more, I want to do a master’s degree, hopefully in climate change. These days I was meeting with the ambassador of the United Kingdom expressing my intention to go to his country to study this.”, Bolívar is heard saying in the short shared by the lawyer on his Twitter account.

Through the same trill in which he shared the clip, Briceño wanted to remind the senator that to study a master’s degree, he must first study an undergraduate degree.

“Senator @GustavoBolivar expressed his intention to pursue a master’s degree in the United Kingdom. However, we must remind him that for this he must first pursue a professional career,” Briceño wrote on his Twitter account.

The short was shared by Daniel Briceño on his Twitter account

For the moment, gustavo bolivar has not responded. It should be noted that Bolívar began his undergraduate studies in Social Communication at the University of La Sábana, but after several semesters he abandoned the degree without completing it.

In the 80s, he ventured into the world of politics by joining the gallant youth, and despite the murder of Luis Carlos Galan in 1989, which meant a great disappointment to him, he served as an advisor to Enrique Parejo Gonzalez in his time at the Council of Bogotá. Later, he accompanied him in his presidential candidacy, but when his candidate was defeated, Bolívar permanently moved away from the world of politics and dedicated himself to scriptwriting.

Only until 2017 did he return to politics when he accepted the invitation of Gustavo Petro (for whom he professes deep admiration and almost idolatry) to lead his Senate list for the Decentes coalition, with the endorsement of MAIS, to support him in his failed 2018 presidential campaign.

In this way, Bolívar abandoned film production and scriptwriting, which, according to him, gave him contracts for around 1.5 million dollars a year due to the fame he had gained from being the author of hits like without boobs there is no paradise, The Kingpin Y Gangs, war and piece.

Bolívar’s incursion into politics has raised endless blisters, as the senator does not hold anything back and is usually very critical of certain issues of national interest and is known for his controversial statements. He is one of the main “disciples” of Petro, and he was also one of the most visible faces of the opposition during the government of ivan duke.

It is not the first time that Briceño criticizes the Petrista senator. In July 2022, he published on his Twitter account the income statement of the soap opera writer and assured that his assets increased by 4,699 million pesos in his first two years in the Legislature.

“How did Senator Gustavo Bolívar go from having a net worth of 3,728,994,000 pesos in his 2018 income statement to one of 8,428,058,000 pesos in 2020 if he said he was short of money and in crisis? 4,699,064,000 pesos of increase in his assets in 2 years, ”Briceño published on the social network, along with a copy of the congressman’s income statement.

Bolívar’s response was out of tune, so much so that he later had to delete it:

“Liar son of a bitch. Go to the General Prosecutor of the Nation with his false papers and denounces me. In these years what I have done is lose miserable money frustrated, ”he trilled.

Then he apologized:

It is not the first time that he has received criticism from Daniel Briceño.
It is not the first time that he has received criticism from Daniel Briceño.


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