“They can pick it up quickly”

According to a lawyer Elijah CraftUkraine has the potential to create nuclear bomband she can use them.

The expert believes that countries that unofficially own such technologies can provide assistance to Kyiv in this matter.

Craft recalled in an interview with TV channel “360” that there are already nuclear power plants on the territory of Ukraine, and if we add to them the right technologiesthen the day is not far off when it can come to a deep enrichment of uranium and obtain a “dirty bomb”.

The lawyer believes that Kyiv may need from one to three years to create it.

“They will be able to assemble it on their knees quite quickly. Considering that Zelensky, before the start of the military operation, openly stated that Ukraine would withdraw from the Budapest Memorandum and develop nuclear weapons, this is not an illusory probability,” Remeslo said.

To prevent Kyiv from carrying out its plans to create a nuclear bomb, it is necessary to take the necessary military actions, the expert stressed. He also called for Ukraine to be banned from using such technologies, for which it is necessary to conduct appropriate checks on its territory.

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