They arrested “Tony” Scotto, a former Hermetica drummer: they accuse him of raping a mentally retarded young woman in Chubut

The videos filmed by the mother of the victim of “Tony” Scotto.

heavy metal drummer albert “Tony” Scottformer member of the group airtightwas arrested in the last hours by the Police of the province of Chubut. He is accused of an aberrant crime: they denounced him for rape a 19 year old girl As confirmed by judicial sources Infobae.

The victim, according to her own mother, suffers from childhood schizophreniawhich “generated mental retardation, he is 6 years old in his head, he plays with stuffed animals and watches videos of puppies.”

The woman, a teacher, told on her social networks that yesterday she went to a police station in the town of Puelo Lake to file a criminal complaint against the musician after his daughter revealed the abuse to him.

“Tony Scotto rapist. You fill your mouth talking about how abusers have to be punished and what do I know, and YOU ARE one!!! On top of my daughter with DISABILITY !!!”, she wrote indignantly on her Facebook profile. “Luckily, she told me everything, everything is already prosecuted. There are videos and tests It is the criminal case. I advise you not to get close to him because the shit splashes everywhere, ”she added.

Made the complaint, the Justice imposed on Scotto a ban on approaching the house of the mother and the girl. However, this Saturday he ignored the measure and went to the home. Tried to force the front door unsuccessfullysources noted. In the midst of this situation, the woman took a phone and filmed it.

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In the images, the musician seems disorientated and demands that they return a cell phone, while on the other side he receives negative responses and insults. “I’m shit” he said, his eyes dull. The minor’s mother called 911 and minutes later a slogan arrived at the scene. Scotto was arrested and transferred to a police station.

“All day passing the restraining order wherever he wanted and Justice did nothing until he physically appeared at my house. You have already seen the videos of how he acts pretending to be lost, the one that he does not see well. But to harass me all day and threaten me on Facebook he was very lucid, ”said the complainant, in words that she reiterated in dialogue with Infobae.

Scotto was the drummer for Hermética from 1988 to 1991. He currently has his own band, Scottus
Scotto was the drummer for Hermética from 1988 to 1991. He currently has his own band, Scottus

The woman also publicly referred to her daughter’s health: “She is fine. She was already with a psychologist and psychiatrist because of her mental disability, although we did not see this coming”. “We were with skills all day”, he completed her in dialogue with this medium.

“I never left my children alone with him (for Scotto), my mother was always there or I chose to take him in the car if I had to go out. According to my girl, he took advantage of moments when my mother took naps or me I was going to buy somewhere or was I bathing”, He continued about the episodes of abuse.

And he concluded: “A disaster can not trust anyone. He played a role of an invalid who wins the Oscar, but to do those savagery to my baby he was very lucid”.

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Scotto was the drummer for Hermética from 1988 to 1991, with whom he recorded the group’s iconic debut album and the covers EP “Intérpretes”. Over the years, he was involved in various controversies with his old bandmates, while working as a taxi driver. During the last years he formed a new band, Scottus.

The investigation of the case is in the hands of Carlos Diaz Mayerhead of the Lago Puelo prosecutor’s office, and the attorney intervenes Ponce Ventura. Tomorrow, the defendant will have the detention control hearing, in which he will be formally charged. Then they will summon him for questioning. The victim’s mother was contacted by the prosecution in the last few hours. Scotto, according to the girl’s mother, “has nowhere to live and no money to travel.”

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