there will be two important directions – Nikolaev and Kharkiv

The Russian army and the forces of Donbass are left to clear two main directions from the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Kharkov and Nikolaev. It is there that there are fewer trained Armed Forces of Ukraine and the offensive will go faster than in other areas.

This was announced by the head of the Center for Military-Political Studies of MGIMO Alexey Podberyozkin.

According to him, intense fighting today is because Ukrainian nationalists cling to well-fortified areas.

“Two important directions will remain – Nikolaev and Kharkov. North and South. There are fewer Armed Forces of Ukraine and professionally trained soldiers, the situation there can develop much faster,” the analyst noted.

He noted that 10 percent of the trained militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine remained, and the rest, who were recruited by the Kyiv authorities, are “untrained live meat, which will be very quickly destroyed by a fire raid.”

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