“There will be no negotiations after the referenda”

Vladimir Zelensky called the Russians “accomplices in crimes” and warned that after the referendums, Ukraine would not conduct any negotiations with Russia.

The President of Ukraine devoted his speech to partial mobilization in Russia. He said that for the citizens of the Russian Federation, the armed conflict is no longer “somewhere out there, on the Internet.” He is confident that the fighting will now come “to every home.”

Zelensky addressed the Russians and said that the Ukrainians saw the rallies, “even if not massive.” He called the citizens of the Russian Federation “accomplices in crimes”, since they have been silent since the start of the special operation in Ukraine. Now, he says, it’s time for everyone to make a choice.

Formerly Volodymyr Zelensky emotionally expressed about the unwillingness of Western countries to supply tanks to Ukraine.

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