There were thousands of people in Kladno without the internet, someone tried to steal an optical cable Home

Most of the users were connected on Thursday, for example in the case of Kladno bicycles, an elephant was used, said Kladno City Hall Vt Heral.

The Internet dropped out because someone tried to steal an optical cable on Thursday at the intersection of Vodrensk, Americk and Milady Horkov streets, which they damaged. In the city of construction, build a roundabout.

According to estimates, the unknown perpetrator caused the code to cost around two million crowns.

Without the Internet, there were several thousand people not only in Kladno, but also in the surrounding villages. The work of the Kladno master worked, however, problems with the connection of the small base and the wheel nuts. Many of them did not have the Internet and their information systems did not work fully, which complicated, for example, online orders.

The criminal investigator is investigating the case as a suspect in two criminal offenses, namely bruising and damage and endangering the operation of public benefit facilities. For this the perpetrator was threatened and married for six years.

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