There were sad data about the daughter of the soloist of “Na-Na” Vladimir Politov

Alena Politova with her father

Alena Politova with her father

Photo: social media

Details have been revealed serious condition of daughter soloist of the group “Na-Na” Vladimir Politov. Alena Politova, before committing a terrible act, sent her husband a photo with pills.

The daughter of the soloist of the group “Na-Na” Vladimir Politov is still in toxic resuscitation. Alena Politova, the day before the tragedy, quarreled with her husband Artem. The girl drank four bottles of beer. In the end, Artyom called a taxi and went to his mother.

After a while, Alena sent the man a photo with a handful of pills. Frightened Artem immediately came to his beloved, writes Channel Five.

Photo: social media

When he arrived, the 22-year-old the beauty was barely alive. The lovers tried to wash the stomach, but to no avail.

Finally, an ambulance was called. Politov’s daughter was urgently hospitalized. At the hospital, she was put into an artificial coma and put on a ventilator. A day later, the doctors stabilized Alena’s condition. Now the girl is conscious and she was taken off the ventilator.

It is worth noting that Alena constantly lives with her mother in Germany, but periodically comes to Moscow to her husband. A few months ago, a psychiatrist gave her prescription drugs. site

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