“There is nothing to talk about with enemies”: Kim Jong-un threatened America with a “kuzkin mother”

The press published photos of the inspection by Kim Jong-un, who personally carried out the

The press published photos of the inspection by Kim Jong-un, who personally carried out the “field leadership” of the troops

A photo: REUTERS

North Korea has completed new large-scale tests of missile weapons. We are talking about a whole series of test launches from September 25 to October 9, during which the DPRK army tested new types of weapons.

As writes Al Jazeeraover the past two weeks, the DPRK conducted seven missile launches, during which they practiced attacks on command posts, ports and airports.

“The exercises on launching tactical nuclear units have fully demonstrated the reality, combat effectiveness and ability for real combat operations of the nuclear combat forces of our state, which are in full readiness to destroy any objects at any time, in any place and in any quantity,” the statement says. state news agency statement CTAC.

The fact that the tests were successful says and the reaction mass media DPRK. The press published photos of the inspection by Kim Jong-un, who personally carried out the “field leadership” of the troops.

The “cherry” of the exercise was the launch of the Hwaseong-12 medium-range missile, which set a record for all North Korean missiles, covering 4.6 thousand kilometers, flying over Japan and falling in the Pacific Ocean.

But that’s not all. According to information “BBC”, American and South Korean intelligence warn that the DPRK is preparing in the near future to conduct the first test of its nuclear weapons in 5 years. And we are talking about tactical ammunition, just about the kind that could fit in the warhead of missiles launched in recent weeks.

These events caused an aggravation of the situation on the Korean Peninsula: the Pentagon aircraft carrier strike group headed by the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan approached its shores. Moreover, she didn’t just come “on a visit”, but literally turned around, because earlier the ships were heading from Korea in the direction of the United States, when an order was received to return, apparently to threaten the DPRK.

In response, Kim Jong-un said that “such prolonged, deliberate and irresponsible actions by the US and South Korean authorities, aggravating the situation, will inevitably cause only our stronger response.” The head of the DPRK noted that he would not conduct a dialogue with Washington and Seoul, since he “has nothing to talk about with enemies.”

This year, the DPRK is especially active in testing new weapons; since January, Pyongyang has already conducted 24 tests, in which more than 40 missiles were launched. They even shot from the trains of a special railway complex.

In September, the DPRK authorities adopted a new “Nuclear Policy Act” de facto and legally secured the status of a nuclear power for the country.

According to the document, the possession of nuclear weapons is now an inalienable right of North Korea, and the full responsibility for its use lies entirely with the chairman of the country’s leader Kim Jong-un. The law lists cases of the possible use of nuclear weapons: a preemptive strike in the event of an imminent threat from it, an attack on the leadership of the DPRK, an attack on strategic facilities, including the use of conventional weapons.

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