“There is no way back for those who run from their own”

After the announcement in Russia partial mobilizationtens of thousands of citizens hastily left for its borders.

According to RIA Novosti observer Petra Akopovaall citizens who left Russia will then regret that they took such a step, but it will be too late.

According to the columnist, some Russians leaving for Kazakhstan, Georgia, Finland and Mongolia “want defeat for their country.”

“They deliberately write themselves out from among our fellow citizens, it’s good if they don’t join the ranks of our enemies,” Akopov shared his thoughts.

However, according to the author, not all those fleeing the country wish her defeat. They have quite prosaic reasons – misunderstanding of what is happening, unwillingness to fall under the draft. However, those who run away from the Russian Federation automatically find themselves on the other side.

“There is no way back for those who run away from their own people,” Akopov concluded.

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