There is no money, no gas, no firewood. What will save Ukraine now

Due to the shortage of gas and coal, Ukraine is looking for firewood

Due to the shortage of gas and coal, Ukraine is looking for firewood

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There are a lot of things missing in Ukraine now.

There is no money, but this is already a permanent state of the financial system, so nothing new.

There is no gas, and this is fraught with the onset of the heating season. With gas the situation is perfect incomprehensiblesince just yesterday the country’s largest company in this area of ​​business, Naftogaz Ukrainy, announced default on their obligations.

There is no coal, and this is also fraught, because all the coal remained in the Donbas, which left Ukraine a long time ago, and now it has left the rest of the territories and see above about the heating season.

Under these conditions, Ukrainian officials are looking for something to replace scarce commodity items so that Ukrainians do not freeze in winter. The head of the country’s state forest agency, Yuri Bolohovets, believes that firewood could partially save the situation.

Moreover, as he said, for the 2022-23 heating season, Ukraine needs more than 7 million cubic meters of firewood, which is many times more than usual in previous years. Demand is such that it is completely incomprehensible how supply can satisfy it.

According to Bolohovets, a quarter of the demand comes from three regions. Donetsk region (a part of the territory controlled by Ukraine) asks for more than 700 thousand cubic meters of firewood, Mykolaiv region – more than 400 thousand cubic meters, Odessa region also needs more than 300 thousand cubic meters. But there are two questions that no one has answered yet. First – where to get money for this firewood? And the second – where to get the firewood themselves?

Recall that similar problems have recently been encountered in Poland (where, for a fee, the population was allowed to collect fallen trees in the forests), and in Germany, where firewood prices have skyrocketed. Among other things, those regions that need firewood the most are the most treeless of all regions of Ukraine.

As Vladimir Putin told the Europeans about ten years ago, that, they say, you don’t want to heat with gas, you’ll switch to firewood. And you still have to come to Siberia for firewood. And now it became clear that it was not a joke at all.

And, although in Germany and Poland they attended to these issues almost a month earlier than in Ukraine, they have not found a solution to the problem and answers to these questions to this day.

And I’ll tell you, I’ll give you a recipe for salvation and, mind you, completely free of charge, that is, for free. You can’t thank.

Kizyaki! Kizyaki will save Nezalezhnaya in the coming heating season. Any shit can provide Ukraine with warmth, if it is properly dried before the onset of that same autumn-winter season and a little bit of spring. It does not need to be specially prepared. It itself is formed as a by-product of vital activity of any organism.

It is a pity that this recipe does not apply to Zelensky and his team. They are not even suitable for this.

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