There is a lot of evidence of the terrorist nature of the Putin regime – Kislytsya in the UN Security Council

The list of Russian war crimes is updated daily and every hour, and there is now a lot of evidence of the terrorist nature of the current Russian regime.

As an Ukrinform correspondent in New York reports, this was stated by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN at a meeting of the Security Council on Friday, dedicated to the attacks of the Russian Federation on civilian infrastructure in our country.

Kislitsa spoke about the latest Russian atrocities committed on the territory of Ukraine – about torturing prisoners and killing them and blowing up a penitentiary in the occupied Olenivka, Donetsk regionwhere prisoners of war from the Azov regiment were kept. According to him, the Russian occupiers aimed to hide the torture and execution of prisoners they carried out there.

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Kislytsya also recalled the rocket attacks on the port of Odessa, which occurred immediately after the signing of the grain agreement in Istanbul, a residential building and two sanatoriums in the Odessa region, a five-story building in Chasovoy Yar in the Donetsk region, the center of the city of Vinnitsa, the recent bombing of civilian facilities in Kropyvnytskyi, in the Kiev region, Chernihiv region, about daily shelling of Kharkov and Nikolaev.

“It is outrageous that Russia is still trying to spread fakes instead of fulfilling its obligations,” he said. “The diplomatic note sent this week and signed by the Russian attorney (in Belarus) should be the subject of medical review, not Security Council members.”

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It says that “the Russian armed forces do not strike at civilian infrastructure,” he said.

“Seriously! Does the Russian diplomat really think that the Security Council is the studio of the Skabeeva show?” Kislitsa said.

According to him, “the killing of innocent children is what Russian killers call “denazification”.

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Another declared goal – the so-called “demilitarization” – means the complete destruction of Ukrainian cities. Civilian infrastructure is one of the main targets, he added.

According to the permanent representative, as of June, as a result of the Russian war, 116,000 residential buildings were destroyed or damaged, in which 3.5 million Ukrainians lived. In 14 regions of Ukraine, 183 religious sites were destroyed, including 173 Christian, 5 Muslim and 5 Jewish.

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Russia has resorted to terrorism to intimidate and undermine our resolve to resist, Kislitsa said.

“However, the effect turned out to be just the opposite, and Ukrainian society is united in its desire to liberate our sovereign territories and bring to justice all those responsible for the killings and destruction,” he added.

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Addressing the Russian permanent representative, Kislitsa stressed that all the perpetrators would be brought to justice and the place of the Soviet Union, which Russia took in the UN Security Council, would not save them from punishment.

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