there is a chance to resume gas supplies from Russia

According to the head of the board of directors of the Bulgarian “Bulgargaz” Ivana Topchiyskytheir company does not stop trying to reach agreements with Gazprom, which gives hope that Russia will resume supplies of own gas to Bulgaria.

Topchiisky specified that although Russian gas is not supplied to Bulgaria at the moment, negotiations are underway on this issue, so the Bulgarian side does not leave hope for the resumption of imports of Russian energy resources.

“Although there are currently no deliveries, negotiations are ongoing. We do not know how the correspondence will develop, but there is a possibility of resuming deliveries. This case is not completely closed. We are talking about a contract that we signed before the end of the year. Perhaps they will change their conditions We do not close the page as long as there are guarantees that in the event of these changes there will be no risks for us, “Topchiyski said on the TV channel Nova.

The gas crisis in Bulgaria came at the end of April – it was then that Gazprom decided to stop supplying fuel to this country because of its unwillingness to switch to a new payment system in rubles.

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