“There has never been human work in the medical profession”

Former head of Rospotrebnadzor, epidemiologist Gennady Onishchenko told how much Russian doctors earn and why their work is abnormal.

“There has never been normal human work in the profession of a doctor,” Onishchenko said in an interview with the Public News Service.

He explained that a mournful atmosphere always reigns in the hospital, because people who are sick come there. Doctors work in such an abnormal environment, but they do it consciously because they want to help others. After coronavirus pandemic the authorities began to erect monuments to medical workers who worked in the “red zone”. More than three thousand of them died, Onishchenko recalled.

“The wages they receive health workers, doctors in the regions are the responsibility of the subject. In Moscow, the average salary of a medical worker reaches 100,000. But I am sure that 100 thousand in Moscow for life and 30 thousand in the settlement are figures that are different in terms of purchasing power,” the source said.

Earlier Onishchenko said that President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has long been a drug addict, so much so that he even wants to sympathize.

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