There are no grounds for an increase in fuel prices to UAH 50 or more – expert

There are no grounds for a further rapid rise in fuel prices now, the sale of a resource for 50-70 hryvnias is elementary speculation.

Sergei Kuyun, director of the A-95 Consulting Group, said this in a comment to Ukrinform.

He is convinced that the mechanism of state regulation proposed by the government takes into account both logistics costs and the normal profitability of gas stations. The fact that now some are trying to take advantage of the moment and sell gasoline and diesel fuel at 50, 60 or even 70 hryvnia per liter, the expert calls elementary speculation.

“Everything that is calculated from above (in excess of the maximum price set by the state, – ed.), sometimes at 15-20 hryvnias per liter, is excess profit and speculation. In the future, prices should depend only on world prices. It is difficult to say how the latter will behave. But no one predicts any serious fluctuations now. I think fluctuations will not exceed 10% of the current level. Even if there is a ten percent increase, the retail “red price” of gasoline is 45 hryvnias, diesel – 48. To make it 50, it is necessary that the cost of oil rise by almost 20%. And this will already mean the onset of a global crisis. I don’t see such apocalyptic forecasts yet,” Kuyun said.

He believes that in the current conditions, the abolition of price restrictions established by the authorities, which some market participants are calling for, will not solve the problem of fuel shortages. But prices at gas stations will change significantly, which will make gasoline and diesel fuel a commodity inaccessible to most Ukrainians. Instead, the expert proposes that the government enforce price limits for petroleum products more tightly to protect consumers and more quickly overcome the shortage of fuel in the retail network.

As reported, on May 5, the Ministry of Economy, within the framework of state regulation, increased the maximum price of gasoline (taking into account the maximum level of trade markup) by 10.5% – up to 37.69 hryvnia / liter, diesel fuel – by 0.3% – up to 42.63 hryvnia. /liter. A number of experts, traders and gas station operators believe that even after the increase, the “recommended” price by the state does not correspond to the real one, primarily due to the increase in purchase prices and a significant increase in the cost of transportation.

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