There are no complete confirmed lists of those killed in Olenovka

Former commander of the Azov regiment Maxim Zhorin said that the identity of some Ukrainian prisoners who died from the explosion in the Olenivka colony was established.

Zhorin told about this Suspilnyreports Ukrinform.

“There are partial lists that have been posted publicly, at the moment they are partially confirmed. But it can also be said with confidence that they are not complete,” the ex-commander told Azov.

He stressed that there are no complete confirmed lists of the dead: “Now, unfortunately, we do not have clear lists of the dead and wounded. It is extremely difficult for loved ones and relatives who are waiting to return home. gives no official lists.”

Zhorin said he was one of the first to know about the tragedy. He is convinced that the explosion was a planned murder.

“Most likely, this room was blown up by previously prepared means. It was not an “arrival” for sure. Now, even from aerospace images, it is very clearly visible that there are no traces of “arrivals” and artillery work on the territory. , it was blown up from the inside,” the military explained.

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According to him, the representatives of the UN and the ICRC, as guarantors of the health and lives of the servicemen who left Azovstal and were subsequently detained in Olenovka, should find an opportunity to talk to the witnesses of the tragedy as soon as possible.

“I remember very well how during the release of c Azovstal both the Red Cross and the UN said that they were ready to take responsibility, that they were ready to monitor the conditions of detention. But for all this time, the Red Cross was only once in the territory of Olenovka, on the first day when they left Azovstal. We must literally, as a country, force the international organizations whose responsibilities include this, namely the UN and the Red Cross, to deal with this situation, to achieve and demand from the Russian Federation to go to the scene of the crime. And it is very important not only to get to the scene of the crime, but also to get the opportunity to talk with the witnesses who were in this room and the survivors,” Zhorin said.

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He also confirmed that the Azov Regiment is starting its own search and identification of everyone who was involved in the events in Olenovka.

As reported, the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Andriy Yusov, said that there is no reason to trust the lists published by the Russians dead and wounded Ukrainian prisoners in the temporarily captured Olenivka, Donetsk region.

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