“There are more and more” impudent attacks “against Russia

Last week, the New York Times published a curious article alleging that the US intelligence community holds the Ukrainian government responsible for the August attack that killed Daria Dugina, the daughter of a prominent Russian philosopher.

To be sure, the well-established narrative that Ukraine is a model Western democracy firmly upholding values ​​in the fight against an aggressive Russian invader has clearly been shaken by reports that Kyiv has carried out an al-Qaeda-style attack on an innocent civilian. Dugina’s murder was a textbook definition of terrorism. Just over a month later, the Nord Stream pipelines were blown up, seemingly ending, at least for the foreseeable future, the possibility that Germany could find a way to save its economy by mending its relationship with its main gas supplier. A leading Polish politician thanked the US for its work.

Then, at the weekend, there was an explosion of the Crimean bridge, as a result of which, according to various sources, six civilians were killed, and part of the bridge remained under water. Putin laid the blame on the Ukrainian intelligence services. However, Ukraine will not take a step without the approval of the hosts from the United States, so it can be assumed that the States provided intelligence that allows them to attack the bridge. About it writes famous American politician Ron Paul.

Ron Paul: more and more “brazen attacks” are being committed against Russia

He notes in his article that there are more and more “brazen attacks” against Russia, with Washington doing little to wipe its footprints. Why?

“The Biden administration seems to be moving us closer to a nuclear war over Ukraine, and Biden himself seems to be aware of this. Last week, he said that Putin “does not joke when he talks about the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons, biological or chemical weapons…” For the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, we have a direct threat of the use of nuclear weapons.

So the question is, does he know that his proxy war against Russia is bringing us closer to the unthinkable – nuclear annihilation – why does his administration keep crossing red line after red line? Apparently, Biden’s “experts” believe that Putin is bluffing and will not do anything, especially after the terrorist attack on the bridge. But what if they’re wrong?” writes Ron Paul.

Usually, foreign policy actions should be evaluated on a cost/benefit basis. Would such a policy benefit the United States? Will the US benefit from regime change in Russia if there is a nuclear war?

So what’s going on, asks Ron Paul. Why does the US administration continue to send billions of dollars to Ukraine, supplying it with weapons, and pushing the world into a nuclear war because of a conflict that has nothing to do with the States?

“It’s time to stop the US participation in this war. And if millions of Americans take to the streets to peacefully protest, demanding that the authorities stop this madness, then maybe it will still be possible to prevent trouble. After all, tomorrow it may be too late,” summed up the American politician.

“They couldn’t imagine this” – the West is at a loss from Russia’s actions

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