the wrong dosage of drugs for arrhythmia is very dangerous

TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov warned that drugs for arrhythmia can cause the exact opposite effect and be dangerous for work of the heart.

Butchers stressed that competent doctors in mild cases of arrhythmia try not to resort to drug treatment.

“Incorrect dosage is very dangerous. Most often, when a doctor sees that an arrhythmia gives a person only some inconvenience, he tries not to give medication. This is an attempt to maintain a normal sinus rhythm. Taking medication in such cases can cause even more harm to the heart,” Myasnikov said. on the channel “Russia 1”.

Formerly a cardiologist Anna Korenevich warned that attempts to keep stress in oneself harm the body, and the accumulated “grievances” and disorders can eventually lead to the development of chronic diseases, including heart disease.

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