The world premiere of the drama “Pamfir” by Dmitry Sukholitky-Sobchuk will take place at the Cannes Film Festival

The world premiere of the Pamfir drama directed by Dmitry Sukholitky-Sobchuk, created with the support of the State Film Agency, will take place on May 21 at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by press office Goskino.

It is also reported that in honor of the premiere, the official international poster of the film “Pamfir” was released. The poster was created by Piotr Grushinski, an artist, graphic designer, illustrator, poster artist from Krakow.

“After watching the film, I was extremely amazed – this is a very complex work both in plot and in form. Every detail, every scene in Pamfira is carefully crafted in terms of content, visuals, metaphors and hidden meanings. After a discussion with the director, we came to the conclusion that this is exactly the kind of poster we want to create – detailed with many hidden motives that the viewer finds when looking at the poster and its metaphorical essence,” said Grushinsky.

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As Sukholitky-Sobchuk noted, there are two business cards of the film, the first is a poster, the second is a trailer. And after watching the viewer decides whether to watch this movie or not.

“The concept of our poster, at first glance, is simple – we see the main character, and everything behind is like an ornament. In the background you see illegible silhouettes, but if you look closely, these are meaningful images of the elements or characters that entered the picture. For me, the moment of this peering is important in the poster. We have been looking for a poster artist for a very long time. And they found Piotr Grushinski in Poland, very thoughtful, someone who carefully peers into the essence of things. He managed to capture many moments that convey the essence of the characters, the picture as a whole and encode a certain message, because the process of creating a poster is the moment of creating a picture based on another picture,” the director added.

As reported, the events of the tape unfold in the west of Ukraine on the eve of the traditional Malanka carnival. Pamfir returns to his family after a long absence. The unconditional love of the Pamfira family has a side effect. When his son sets fire to a house of worship, a man is forced to reconnect with his troubled past. To pay back for what his son has done, Pamfir embarks on a risky path with irreversible consequences. The roles in the film were performed by Alexander Yatsentyuk, Solomiya Kirillova, Stanislav Potyak, Miroslav Makoviychuk, Elena Khokhlatkina, Ivan Sharan.

“Pamfir” was created in co-production of Ukraine, France, Poland and Chile. The production was produced by BOSONFILM in association with Les Films D’Ici, MADANTS, Quijote and in partnership with Mainstream pictures. The project’s producers are Alexandra Kostina, Evgenia Yatsuta, Laura Briand, Claudia Smeya, Bogna Shevchik, Artem Kolyubaev, Alyona Timoshenko and Zhancarlo Nasi.

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The project was developed with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. The director worked on the script at the Cinéfondation Residence of the Cannes International Film Festival. The project became a member of two of the most influential screenwriting workshops – TorinoFilmLab (Script&Pitch) and Midpoint Intensive.

The tape was created with the support of the State Film Agency of Ukraine, as well as the Polish Film Institute (PISF), the Swiss Visions Sud Est Fund, the Hubert Bals Fund, the French National Film Center CNC Aide aux cínemas du monde, the international Goteborg Film Fund and the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration.

The Ukrainian release of the film is scheduled for 2022.

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