The wolf will take me a long time, warns the Pentagon. Russians strengthen their control on Donbas Svt

We also believe that this conflict will escalate, the AFP agency quoted from the hardened regular briefing. An unnamed Pentagon official says that the Russians still face the same problems as they run their secrets from the meeting, and that their audiences are now unable to win the wolf. Moscow has a large center at its disposal, which has accumulated since the autumn along the Ukrainian borders.

Evaluated the pichz at a time when the Ukrainian occupiers are being pushed out of the area around Kharkov, which came under Russian control by early wolves. According to Washington, this development continues.

The situation on the Donbas, which became the fight after the unreasonable Russian flow to Kyiv, is a situation for the defenders with a lot of positive. Russian troops continue to march on Ukrainian customs, and although, according to Kiev and Washington, they do not reach the days of a deadly rush, they first appear that they can be conquered and given to the municipalities.

A representative of the US Department of Defense told the newspaper on Thursday that the Russians on the Donbas had tactics and started fighting in smaller formations. Make a name for yourself. And sometimes these duties are checked only after the mole, as the Ukrainians are not getting back, quoted from the briefcase denk The New York Times (NYT). An unnamed official claimed that even with the new approach, the Russian people did not celebrate a big shower.

He let the occupiers move, however perpetual and slow. Maneuvering less manpower is an easy, digestible way to deal with operational progress, he added.

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