The wife of Alexander Revva broke down after the news of the artist’s escape to Spain

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Humorist’s wife Alexandra Revva burst into an angry rebuke to the gossips. They spread rumors that, allegedly, the artist’s family left Russia and almost fled to Spain. Angelica Revva did not remain silent and sealed the envious people.

Wife Alexandra Revva lost their nerves. Angelica Revva threatened the spiteful critics after rumors about her family’s departure to Spain. As the humorist’s wife noted, all liars are waiting for a subpoena.

“It’s not true. Who cares where we are. It’s summer, holidays. People travel to Turkey, Spain, rest in Gelendzhik,” the woman quotes

Angelica advised not to interfere with her family. “This is private information. I don’t want to comment. I didn’t run away anywhere. I don’t consider it inappropriate to explain where I am. Nobody left the country. It’s just vacation time“, the woman snapped.

Previously, there was information that Alexander Revva left Russia for Spain with his family. At the same time, gossips claimed that in Russia, the showman allegedly blocked all accounts.

All this looks strange. After all, it recently became known that Revva’s wife bought an apartment in Moscow for 170 million rubles. Elite mansions with an area of ​​250 square meters are located in one of the skyscrapers of the capital for 160-170 million rubles.

This is not the only expensive property of the popular showman’s family. So, he has a house in the Moscow region, which is located 50 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. A cottage of 250 square meters was built on the site. Also, according to unofficial information, Alexander forked out for apartments in Dubai for 42 million rubles. So now the Comedy Club star has a residence permit in the UAE.

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