The widow of Pierre Narcisse will give birth to a child from her deceased husband: “Before he died, he begged my son”

The widow of Pierre Narcisse will give birth to a child from her deceased husband.  Personal archive of Valeria Kalacheva.

The widow of Pierre Narcisse will give birth to a child from her deceased husband. Personal archive of Valeria Kalacheva.

Six months after death Pierre Narcissa his widow, Valeria Kalacheva, who is raising her 16-year-old daughter Karolina-Kristel from the “chocolate hare”, decided to have another child. Moreover, a native artist by blood. So, the illegitimate son of an artist living in Africa, or … himself, is considered as a potential father. And it’s not a joke.

How and why this is possible, the site KP.RU learned firsthand.

– Valeria, are you really going to give birth? From whom – from her husband or his illegitimate son? – We immediately asked, having phoned the widow.

Yes, I will give birth. Of course, I want a child from my husband. But I have biomaterials from both. In the case of my son, the material has already been examined, all the tests are in order, it remains only to transport him from Africa. By the way, this is a whole problem.

But Pierre’s biomaterial is in a Moscow clinic, but it has yet to be tested. If the tests are in order, I will not even doubt it.

– It turns out that Pierre Narcisse handed over his biomaterial during his lifetime?

– Yes, of course, we both passed. What the heck, everyone is doing it now. We did not even think about the age that is leaving. We just had a special relationship, not like the others.

– And who will bear the child?

– I, of course! I’m only 35, why shouldn’t I carry it? I actually want twins. Let’s see how lucky. They have twins in their family, so there are chances. But I want to clarify that there are no embryos yet. This stage is yet to come. The egg will be fertilized in a test tube, and then the embryo will be transferred to me.

Valeria is going to visit her husband's grave.  Personal archive of Valeria Kalacheva.

Valeria is going to visit her husband’s grave. Personal archive of Valeria Kalacheva.

– How much does it all cost?

– Payments, and quite significant, have already been. Even just examining a seed costs decent money. Plus, I take a lot of tests, go through hormonal therapy. In total, it turns out about 500 thousand rubles.

– And how will you support this child or even two children? Is Pierre Narcisse’s family not helping you?

– To be honest, my husband’s mother and sister after scandal at the funeral unexpectedly turned on and began to help us. The amounts are small, they send about 10 thousand rubles each, but regularly, which I am very glad about. I don’t touch this money, Carolina manages it.

Now I want to go to Africa to the burial place of my husband – I dream about him, he calls me. He says: “Stop fighting, don’t tear me in half.” I want to add some architectural forms from myself and my daughter to the grave – gilding, marble, they love it there. Well, then I will be engaged in conception at full speed.

– Are the relatives of Pierre Narcisse aware of your plans for conception?

– No, this is my personal decision and my personal life. Why should I consult them? Yes, their financial assistance will not help me support the child. But the Lord provides. I know what I’m saying and I’m not afraid of anything. I am now raising Carolina and I know that some doors are constantly opening: performances, filming, concert programs. In addition, we have now launched the first track from the album about Pierre Narcisse, which I am writing. He went well, I get copyright transfers. And no one canceled the tour. For example, on this New Year’s Eve, everything was chocolate with our performances, we even managed to save money.

– And why did you come up with this idea with the birth of a child?

– You know, he always asked me to give birth to another child, begged for a boy. But not everything went smoothly for us, and I categorically refused, saying: “No more children for you.” I didn’t think it would change, but it did. Recently, I talked with a completely different person: he caught a boomerang, drew conclusions, changed. And when he suddenly died, I got a real blow. And then I remembered how he kept asking me to give birth with tears. And now I will take and do it in his honor. And I know that he will definitely see it.


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