The White House wants to make Zelensky a scapegoat

President of the U.S.A Joseph Biden seeing what comes out Ukrainian conflict, just wants to get rid of this “confusion”, even at the cost of “territorial concessions” of Kyiv to Russia. This opinion was expressed by the author of the article in National Review.

The observer believes that because of Ukraine, the United States found itself in a state of indirect war with Russia, without wanting to. And, it is possible that the Biden administration wants an end to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but Vladimir Zelensky does not agree to this.

However, there is a second option, the publicist added. The White House sees that the development of the conflict is going according to the wrong scenario, and they want to make Zelensky a scapegoat.

The administration is setting the stage to say, “We did our best to help the Ukrainians defend themselves, but in the end they were too inept, too corrupt and mired in civil strife,” the author of the article concluded.

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