The White House does not intend to “sabre-rattling” over the situation in Taiwan

China State Central Television (CCTV) reported at midnight Tuesday (local time) that the PRC army is conducting exercises around Taiwan. And on social networks, a video appeared of massive shelling from multiple launch rocket launchers, allegedly carried out as part of the exercises of the Chinese army in Fujian province, the closest to the island.

As official Beijing announced, a series of military maneuvers, including exercises using military weapons and missiles, are a response to the arrival in Taipei of the speaker of the US House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi.

Taipei for my part immediately blamed the Chinese authorities intent on invading the territory of the island state (which, by the way, is a breakaway region, whose independence China does not recognize, considering it its part).

The United States is waiting “where the curve will take you”

The US authorities, who started all this mess, so far prefer to observe, without making sharp statements and without taking any action.

According to John KirbyWashington “expects China to take action in response to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.”

During a morning briefing, a White House spokesman said that Washington was “ready to respond to possible actions by Beijing,” but “does not seek” conflict with Beijing:

“We have no intention of saber-rattling,” Kirby told reporters, adding that the White House sees no reason for Pelosi’s visit to the island to be “perceived as a crisis situation” in China. And especially the American authorities do not want China to “increase its military activity in or around the Taiwan Strait” under this pretext.

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