the West’s economy will become military due to sanctions against Russia

Head of the Government of Hungary Viktor Orban demanded to change sanctions policy. As the Prime Minister explained, a war economy will emerge throughout Europe in October.

The Hungarian official called the introduction of restrictive measures by the West a failure. The leader of the country also criticized the transfer of weapons to Ukraine. Orban compared this decision to an attempt to extinguish the fire with flamethrowers. According to the head of government, the conflict can be resolved through negotiations between Moscow and Washington.

“If Brussels does not change its strategy, we should expect a war economy,” the prime minister emphasized, quoted by Kossuth.

Earlier, Orban called the anti-Russian sanctions “a shot in the lungs.” At the same time, the politician warned about the beginning of a recession in the EU countries and urged citizens to appreciate their work.

European economy suffocating,” the official said.

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