The West will start pushing Kyiv towards territorial concessions in the fall

According to Harvard professor, British historian Neil Fergusonthe US is misbehaving tactically with respect to Ukraine, because of which the country has an unenviable future. The historian shared his opinion with the German edition Focus.

The specialist accused Washington and the administration of President Joe Biden of absolute inaction and unwillingness to prevent the Ukrainian conflict at the very beginning, when it was still possible.

Ferguson is confident that the longer the conflict in Ukraine continues with the direct support of Washington, the less willing the West will be to support Kyiv. The expert drew attention to the fact that everyone in the West is already tired of Ukraine’s problems and would like to solve their own.

The historian believes that the desire to help Kyiv in the West will dry up in the fall. This will be facilitated by the obvious fact that the sanctions against the Russian Federation did not have the effect they were intended to have.

“In the fall, the West will inevitably begin to call on Kyiv to make territorial concessions, which will lead to the actual division of the country,” Ferguson summed up.

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