The West will only talk about sanctions

Today, there are many threats from the West about expanding sanctions against Russia, its officials, “persons who supported the referendums.”

When asked what other sanctions could be introduced and how they could worsen the situation inside Russia, the director of the Higher School of Finance of the Russian University of Economics named after Pravda.Ru answered Pravda.Ru. G. V. Plekhanova Konstantin Ordov.

“You can just discuss those that are already being discussed and voiced by the Europeans,” the analyst said.

He also noted the disconnection from SWIFT, which is being discussed, but they themselves cannot decide on this, and the restriction of the price of oil, which also does not go beyond talk. And, of course, some kind of sanctions in relation to individuals.

But the only question today is that already in the seventh package of sanctions, the Europeans got burned and realized that the result of the sanctions is becoming disproportionately large for themselves, the economist says.

Being not in the best economic shape, they will try to solve political problems for themselves. Because they have always had sanctions rhetoric, and they will talk about sanctions for as long as possible. But in terms of real economic constraints, being on the edge of a financial cliff, they have neither the desire nor the opportunity, the observer is sure.

“In fact, I would not expect any significant significant financial sanctions. This is not an acceptable option for them now,” Ordov summed up.

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